YouTube Shorts And Why It is Soo Trending

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is the platform’s bid to match other competitive video platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels. It is the new way of creating short-form video content and expanding social media marketing efforts.

What is the need for YouTube Shorts? With YouTube Shorts, you can create a short-form vertical video that can be a max of 60 seconds. It is lightweight and making videos is a lot easier. It allows you to connect with those users you may not be able to reach before. The YouTube Shorts aspect ratio is mainly focused on mobile users.

Making The YouTube Shorts
The process for YouTube Shorts can be done from your phone. Whether you are a video marketing expert or not, now you have a streamlined way of creating a compelling and impactful video.

YouTube even allows you to record videos using third-party tools and upload them to their platform, meaning you can record the videos using any device and later upload them through the YouTube app.

Features of YouTube Shorts:

  • Different viewing experience from the regular videos.
  • Multi-segment camera allows video creators to combine multiple clips
  • Speed playback controls
  • Allows you to take some sample audios from eligible YouTube videos and Shorts
  • Text feature that you can add to the timeline you can control when and where it will appear and for what duration.

Steps for creating and conditions of participation and what is the eligibility process:

  • You should be enrolled in YouTube Partner Program as per eligibility.
  • Upload at least one short video every 180 days.
  • Channel must obey YouTube’s monetization policies, copyright rules, and community guidelines.
  • If minor age should be at least 13 years old and parents should be there in the video.
  • Upload only original videos; no repurposed or reused videos.

Steps To Upload YouTube Shorts
YouTube has provided a process for creators, and there is no need to be a video marketing expert to make the best YouTube Shorts. But before proceeding further, here are some requirements you should know:

  • Video can only be 60 seconds long.
  • Either you can create a continuous video or divide them into 15-second segments.
  • Use only vertical orientation.
  • You can use YouTube’s audio library in order to get any copyright violations.
  • You can also use audio from other YouTube shorts.

These rules apply to all, whether you are an individual creator or any video marketing company using YouTube Shorts for their social media brand management. If you are new to all of this, consult our marketing agency.

If you got a handle on all the requirements you need, you can start uploading videos on the YouTube app easily by tapping on the create button at the bottom center of the screen. You can also find the same button at the top right of the YouTube homepage in the browser. From there, you can upload shorts that you previously recorded or even record the new shorts right away.

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