Tips For Bringing More Traffic to Your Blogs

Blog Optimization

A blog is a powerful tool for upbringing the business, its online visibility, and generating leads. Nowadays, many bloggers struggle to attract more visitors to their blogs. Here are some ways that is used over the years to turn your blog into a powerful lead-generation tool.

Start The blog with powerful, keyword-rich, and compelling titles.
Good titles are half the battle winners in grabbing more readers’ attention. It is strongly recommended for doing the “keyword analysis” to know what people are searching for over the internet. Hence always, Use the best keywords in the title. An attractive title will increase search engine visibility and drive more search traffic to the blog. This is because people tend to share your blog post with their social networks before they even read it, thus increasing the visibility and no additional work required.

Writing blog posts that people want to read.
Create how-to’s and give away the best possible material. Don’t focus on over-sharing, as there might be chances that someone else has already been blogging about it. Make it user-friendly and easy to subscribe to. If people subscribe to the blog, there will be an increase in the chances of getting more business of the ability to provide a piece of quality information. Make sure that the email and RSS subscription boxes are easy to locate.

Put a Retweet button at the top of each post and a ShareThis button at the bottom. By adding the retweet button to each post there will be a surge in people sharing the posts with their friends. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and it can extensively increase social media visibility.

It is better if we can add blog posts to the Facebook business page. With the help of the NetworkedBlogs application, the blog posts will appear on the Facebook business page, with no additional work to do, this will also increase the reach. Thus, make your business page more content rich.

If your blog is on WordPress then you can add your blog posts to the LinkedIn profile. This will help in posting the most recent blog posts that appear on your profile. You can do this by Application Directory there under the navigation tab. Leave intelligent and valuable comments on other blogs. Leaving a comment on another blog will create a link back to the blog.

Just Don’t give up.
It may take a while to develop a readership and bring a good number of people to the blog on a regular basis. If you use blogs to grow the business, you need to commit to the process. We recommend writing at least 2-3 blog posts a week for the next few months before giving up. The posts shouldn’t be too long, short content, from 400 to 600 words is fine in one blog. Every blog you write adds the overall value of the blog and your online visibility.

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