Social Media Brand Management of LinkedIn vs. Facebook!

Social Media Marketing

There are over 750 million users on Facebook, and most of the business owners think it is the only place they can use for their social media brand management. If you are a network or internet marketer, Facebook is one of the best tools to use. But recently, Facebook is making online marketing difficult for business owners. It is becoming harder and harder to share the pots, post precious content and articles, or anything related to your website. The only way to promote your products or services on Facebook is through the fan page or the profile. 

Recently, Facebook is also full of people who are ready to spam the website and include no real idea about social media brand management. To efficiently implement social media marketing for brand creation, you require spreading your words in front of the correct people. It brings in the concept of LinkedIn, which is also very similar and relevant to Facebook.

But there is one magnificent difference between the two as it will create little spam on LinkedIn. There will always be quite a few people who will push every opportunity forcefully down the throat of the customer. But In the LinkedIn platform, this forced social media brand management is a little bit more difficult than Facebook. In this write-up, we will be sharing how much different LinkedIn is from Facebook, and if you want true online success, you should be connecting with more genuine people on this social media channel.

Why is LinkedIn better than Facebook?

Below are some of the best reasons that indicate why you should use LinkedIn for all your social media branding that will showcase your products or services.

  • Almost everyone present on LinkedIn is a professional in some field or the other. It can be in marketing, a senior manager, a business owner, or a massive organization’s managing director. Thus you need to conduct yourself well and formally whenever you will be using this website for brand management.
  • You will get in touch with the people who will be in your network marketer, targeted sector, and others. Through this platform, you will create a long-term relationship with people with no chance of any spam opportunity. People present on LinkedIn already understand the importance of social media brand management for any business.
  • People frown upon the concept of spam in LinkedIn. What you can easily do on Facebook, if you do the same thing on LinkedIn, you will get blocked straight away. People will never bear any spam content that will be of no use if you post it somewhere else.
  • The LinkedIn layout might be similar to that of Facebook. Thus once you start using it, you can easily navigate through the website with no difficulty and find your way out rapidly. It includes almost the same functions and attributes like events, profiles, groups, walls, and messages. But the website follows strict guidelines which are not present on Facebook.


Facebook is also undoubtedly the best place to share your content and get connected with your valuable customers. This platform will be exceptionally beneficial for you if you include a blog for the backlinks. But you can do all these brand management tactics on LinkedIn with no hassle and connect with people who understand the power of social media. Utilizing different social media platforms is only a small portion to create a successful online business. Thus choose your social media channels well as per your requirements.



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