Whenever we consider the paid advertisement concept, search engines like Bing and Google first came to our mind. It is due to the reason they are famous, and most of the people know their names in detail. But have you ever considered running an ad or PPC campaign other than these two platforms? Well, there are diverse social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and many more that offer paid social media marketing campaigns. 

Significantly, you will promote your services and products to target the respective audiences. Social media platforms can help you target the exact demographic country. The best benefit of promoting the advertisements on social media channels is the direct customer reviews. Even when customers are searching for that specific product or service, they will find them easily from the feedback of the others. The primary players of the PPC in the social media platforms are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 


It is one of the most used platforms for PPC, with almost 900 million users among all the social media websites. Even the smallest businesses with a restricted budget can try Facebook for the paid marketing campaign. Setting up a paid advertising campaign on Facebook is exceptionally easy. Log into account and click on Advertise. But before you start advertising, chalk out your goals well. Now, do you want to drive massive traffic to the website through the Facebook advertisement? What will be the call to action? Create leads or page likes or sell products- what are you seeking?

Now you have to find out who you have to target. Other options include:

  • Location
  • Demographics based on gender, language, age, and relationships
  • Work and education
  • Interests and like
  • Facebook connections

The Facebook connections help to reach different events, applications, pages, and groups. If you are engrossed in running a campaign for getting enough Facebook likes, it will also remove all the people who have already liked the page. Like the conventional image, text ads, and PPC, you can get used to Facebook. You might also test the ads with multiple copies of them. Facebook delivers different tracking of free conversion, which is also significant for an ad campaign. Facebook paid social media advertising can be beneficial for startup businesses. If you want to establish branding, Facebook will deliver more exposure, gain new potential customers and reach more audiences.


LinkedIn is another popular social media channel for more and more businesses that are promoting their services and products with more than 200 million members. It targets potential customers based on their skills and job functions. You can target the ad according to gender, specific groups, age, and more. It will also assist you in getting more related clicks that will enhance the conversation. You can also set your limits as per the company, schools, age, location, job title, skills, and gender. Set up the required budget according to your targeted customers and products. You should go slow and do not invest a lot of money in the campaign. Always check from where maximum leads are coming in and target that zone.


Twitter is one of the great places for promoting its services and products with numerous active users. It offers different promoted tweets which target different timelines, geographic areas, and search results. You can try numerous Twitter advertisements like promoted tweets, trends, and promoted accounts.

End Thoughts

If you are not paying any attention to the social media paid to advertise, then it is high time that you check out the above options. These social media channels will help you to draw in a huge number of customers that might convert to a potential lead.


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