Why you Need to Optimize YouTube Videos?

YouTube has emerged as the second-largest search engine after Google mainly because of the rising demand for video content.

YouTube videos reach a wide audience mainly because Google and YouTube share data seamlessly with each other. 

Besides uploading videos on YouTube gets you immediate indexing by Google. This is because you are not required to provide a video site map and there is no wait time for bots to crawl up a YouTube video.

It is because of this that we find that nearly 500 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute! 

With so many videos out there, likely, your video may not reach your audience!

How do you ensure that your YouTube video catches the attention of your audience?

The answer is with YouTube optimization strategies.

We are all familiar with the concept of optimizing websites for search engines. The concept is similar for YouTube but the techniques are different.

YouTube optimization entails including relevant keywords in the title, meta description, and tags. Search engines crawl only text data and not audio or video content. Therefore, you must provide transcripts for your YouTUbe video.

The key ingredients for success on YouTube are optimization of the following:

  • YouTube Channel
  • Playlists
  • Metadata
  • Description

You can optimize your YouTube video by leveraging the content of your videos as transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles.

Here’s a list of what you must focus on to optimize your YouTube video:


YouTube videos with captions rank higher on searches compared to those without.

YouTube offers the option of autogenerated captions. The problem with these captions is that they are only 70% accurate. Besides, they usually contain a lot of data that cannot be comprehended.

Other than the fact that you will be unable to engage your audience with such content, you also run the risk of your content being penalized by Google.

Make sure to create keyword-rich captions that are easy to understand.


The transcript of a YouTube video is the description of the video. Transcripts are important because search engines crawl on the content of your transcript and index your video. So, make sure to optimize your description with relevant keywords.

An effective YouTube marketing strategy is by creating shareable content like blogs, infographics, whiteners, etc.

Using Multiple Languages

You can reach a wider audience if you provide subtitles for your video in multiple languages. Also, make sure that you translate your video description into different languages. This enables a wider audience to enjoy your videos across the globe.

This implies that search engines will index the translated text in those languages and your video will rank higher even for non-English content.

Optimize the video with Keywords

Make sure that the video content contains the target keywords. Also include the keywords in the Title, Meta description, and tags.

Video Thumbnail is Important 

If you want your YouTube video to have millions of followers make sure that you have a compelling thumbnail for your video. Although YouTube offers a choice of three screenshots you should choose the right thumbnail image.

Pro tip: Choose high-quality, high-contrast images with a 16:9 aspect ratio for your thumbnail.


User engagement increases with playlists that include a set of short and relevant videos. Ideally, 4-6 videos are best to include in the playlist.

Engaging Users 

You will want your audience to watch the complete video. Although the entire content of the video is important, make sure that the first 15seconds hook the audience.

YouTube optimization is a specialized field thanks to the high level of competition! So, let the experts at JMV Development do it for you and watch your subscriptions grow! 


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