Start Cashing In On Your Potential Clients With SEO For Multiple Locations

Do you have multiple physical stores/locations or serve multiple areas (even if you don’t have a physical store)? Well, whether you cater to 2 or 200 locations, telling the same to Google and another SERPs is important. That’s because of all the searches on Google, a whopping 46% of them are local. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to improve local SEO for your business:

Why Do You Need SEO For Multiple Locations?

There are two kinds of businesses (i) multi-location businesses and (ii) single-location businesses. When the former get local SEO done right, it is given more weight than the latter. This is the major reason why you should get SEO for multiple locations done if you own multiple stores or serve multiple areas. 

There are three factors that Google uses to determine local ranking and which directly shows why multi-location SEO is important. They are as follows – 

  • Prominence
  • Distance 
  • Relevance 

Let’s discuss these in detail. 

  • Prominence

There are no two ways about the fact that businesses can create a brand faster with multiple locations. As a result, it can achieve greater prominence through Google search rankings. But it will only be prominent when the GMB profile is properly maintained. A service provider, like JWV Development, can help you in this pursuit. 

  • Distance

Multiple locations indicate that the proximity with the clients is at a higher level. However, to bring this factor out in the light, one must stick to NAP details (Name, Address, and Phone Number) as the most accurate form. Unless you go for SEO, this is unlikely to happen if you don’t have the right knowledge. 

  • Relevance

Relevancy is important for all the right reasons. If your business isn’t relevant to your potential customers, Google won’t list it under the most-searched keywords. Thus, SEO for multiple locations is needed so this relevancy factor can be fine-tuned. 


How Does SEO For Multiple Locations Prove Beneficial?

  • Promotes higher rankings
  • Drives more traffic
  • Brings more conversions 
  • This leads to more sales

How Can JWV Development Help You With SEO For Multiple Locations

  • We’ll Help You Build Location-Wise Pages

More often than not, information for all the locations is piled up on a single page. Else, the home page is targeted for multiple locations. That’s a totally wrong move. Location-wise pages must be created to rank faster and drive targeted traffic and we’ll help you do that! 

  • We’ll Help You With A Logical URL Structure

We’ll make your site easy-to-navigate for both Google and the customers with breadcrumbs and a logical site structure. This will help the site rank faster. 

  • We’ll Help You Optimize Every Location Page For SEO

This includes keyword research, putting them in the title tags, and body. In WordPress, Yoast as a plugin to do this is used. Then, the content is localized. Many location pages do not add enough content which backfires. We, therefore, design a full-proof SEO strategy that is bound to succeed. 

  • We’ll Help You Create GMB Profile For Each Location

Google My Business is the service offered by Google wherein it shows local businesses on Google and Maps. We’ll help you create and optimize your profiles for each location because that’s what will help you reign over the local market. 

  • We’ll Help You Build Local Business Listings For Each Location

Getting listed for every location you plan to target in local directories is important to promote the visibility of your business. We, at JWV Development, make sure the local business listings are done and accurately. 

  • We’ll Help You Get Reviews For Each Location 

Online reviews possess magical powers. Almost 80% of people go by the reviews a company gets. This nowhere matches the referrals. Thus, we tend to pay the utmost attention and help our clients get reviews from each location. 

Want to improve your rankings and convert the audience that’s ready to buy from you? Choose us as your SEO partner and unlock the secret to higher rankings. 


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