Advantages of Google Analytics in a Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics is a free tool from the search engine Google that you can implement to track the required information about the data the visitors will interact with your website. During a successful search engine optimization campaign, you will require Google Analytics to track the keyword performance to have a successful ranking in the search engines. You will get an idea of how much organic traffic your website is getting through a specific set of keywords. Google Analytics will open up a new informational world you will not be able to view without its help. Now let us take a deeper look at some of the advantages of implementing Google analytics through the search engine optimization campaign.

Location of your visitors to the website

Visitors might come from the core keywords set you are optimizing for the website and enhance their rank in the search engine. You might also find out other keywords that your visitors have typed to find your website. During the beginning optimization campaign, the number of keywords might be small. But with each passing time, you might be getting more visitors from other keywords listed as the organic settings due to the overall optimization campaigns effort. 

Different segmentation of visitors

With Google analytics optimization, you can know how many new visitors your SEO campaign is coming to you. It also indicates how many of them have to lead to sales conversion. You might differentiate your analytic result into different categories like returning or new visitors, referrals, and geographical sources. 

Completely Free of Cost

Although Google Analytics is a free tool, it offers much more functionalities compared to the paid ones available in the market. 

Identify the most clickable links and pages of the website

Through a free account in Google Analytics, you will be able to know which are the most popular links and pages of your website. It also shows the website’s most clickable links and measures if your search engine optimization campaign will be directing organic traffic to the correct pages. 

Ability to fine-tuning your website

Through the analytical report of Google analytics, you can fine-tune your website and do a new copyrighting on any website page that will not convert well. In the end, it will deliver higher quality products that will help you to gain a larger number of customers shortly. 

Final Thoughts

With Google Analytics Optimization, other than collecting different data about traffic from Google, you can also collect data from other search engines like Yahoo and MSN. Through this, you can strengthen your presence on the search engines and improve your rankings. To make every marketing campaign successful, you will need to track it. After preparation and execution, Google analytics optimization is compulsory to calculate the ROI for the SEO campaign.


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