Rank your business on Page #1 with our proven Franchise SEO techniques! 

If your goal is to make your Franchisees lead in their local market, consider it achieved with JWV Development’s ultra-strategic Franchise SEO practices. 

Why Do You Need Franchise SEO?

Franchising has grown by leaps and bounds in the business world. It is an arrangement wherein the original owner of a certain company allows other parties to use the trademark as long as the company standards are followed. 

And because it is easier to work under an already-established trademark rather than starting from scratch, more and more people are tempted by this. All thanks to the major perk of automatically getting more clients. 

But how can Franchise SEO help you? If that’s what your question is, JWV Development has the answer. 

  • More Audience

More franchisors than ever are building their brand identity with franchise SEO services. Franchise SEO is the foundation to connect the right business with the right customer. From on-page optimization to off-page optimization, if the strategies are put in place correctly, nothing can stop the brand from achieving greater heights. All this starts with the right service provider and JWV Development is the one you can consider. 

  • Locally-Focused Campaigns

Franchise SEO requires organic campaigns to get results along with the focus on high-performance keywords. Once this is done, organic traffic will automatically come up, bringing in more genuine leads that convert. 

  • Higher Conversions

More often than not, a franchisee gets leads but they are not the right ones. It is, thus, very important for the leads to be right and from potential clients so they can easily be converted. Wrong traffic, anyway, makes no sense. 


How Does Franchise SEO Help?

  • To effectively reach a certain audience 
  • To turn this selective audience into customers
  • To back franchises under the same trademark 
  • To grab local attention
  • To drive more sales

How Can JWV Development Help You With Franchise SEO?

  • We’ll Fix Website SEO Problems

One of the major issues that weigh the SEO rankings down is duplicate content, wrong interlinking, and poor domain health. We’ll help you fix all these issues in a jiffy. One major mistake under Franchise SEO is duplicate content on each of the location pages. In fact, each location page should be treated as a mini-website for that location and should be filled with rich content. We’ll help you pinpoint the errors so they can be worked upon. 

  • We’ll Capture The Mobile Users

Because mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches worldwide with a huge margin, it is also sane that a shift is observed and mobile users are captured. We won’t only help you with this but with localizing with a purpose along with. 

  • We’ll Build Location Pages 

Now that Google is taking into consideration all kinds of location-specific information when analyzing a query, it is better your business taps into this trend. Don’t worry; we’ll help you open the doors to it. The sooner it is done, the better leads it will bring. 

  • We’ll List The Franchises On Google My Business 

NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) Listings are of the utmost importance for Google. We’ll, therefore, help you build Google My Business accounts so more potential clients can know about you and your business, thereby driving more traffic. More leads. And more conversions. 

Want to drive more traffic? More leads? And eventually more conversions? Choose someone with experience behind the wheel of proven locally-driven results. Choose JWV Development. 

With us, your franchise will get the push it needs to conquer its target audience, thus meeting the goals every business wants to achieve. 


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