How to Find the Best Organic SEO Services?

We have heard of search engine optimization which is optimizing a website or content for better ranking on search engines. However, search engine optimization has now become specialized and we hear of “local SEO”, “Organic SEO”, and many more!

In this article, we are going to see what Organic SEO is and why it is relevant for your business!

Organic SEO can be understood as non-paid search engine optimization strategies deployed to get a high ranking on different search engines.

Search engine optimization techniques are used extensively by businesses across the globe for building brands and increasing their visibility in the digital world.

However, digital marketing can be quite expensive because of the various paid SEO strategies like PPC, Adwords, etc. This is where organic SEO comes as a silver lining.

Organic SEO is inexpensive and has the potential to boost your brand effectively. Paid ads have the drawback that they can get smaller businesses disqualified by larger corporates who outbid them. On the other hand, the organic SEO techniques empower even startups to compete against Fortune 500 companies.

The fundamental building blocks of organic SEO are:

There are different types of organic SEO strategies used:

White Hat SEO:

These SEO strategies are compliant with the terms and conditions set forth by all major search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Some techniques for White hat SEO are:

  • Generation of original and informative content.
  • Avoiding keyword stuffing in Alt-Text and Meta descriptions.
  • Quick loading websites
  • Responsive websites.
  • Websites that are easy to navigate.

Grey Hat SEO:

Grey hat SEO strategies are those that fall between what is acceptable and what is not by search engines. If you are using grey hat SEO techniques, it is recommended that you check Google updates from time to time to ensure that you are within the purview of the terms of search engines.

Some grey hat SEO techniques used are:

  • Acquiring old domains.
  • Reusing old content using content spinning tools.
  • Using purchased links
  • Social media automation

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO techniques are those that do not comply with the terms and conditions prescribed by Google and other search engines. It is best to avoid these strategies because Google penalizes websites using such SEO strategies.

Here’s a list of Black Hat SEO strategies to be avoided:

  • Stuffing keywords in the content
  • Automating or spinning content
  • Purchasing links
  • Reusing existing content to create domains or subdomains.
  • False reporting of competitors
  • Link farms

It is best to hire professionals for deploying organic SEO strategies. This is because an experienced digital marketer will know the best SEO strategies for your business. He will also be aware of the terms and conditions of different search engines. 

Also, it is vital to ensure that the SEO specialist you engage uses only White Hat SEO strategies so that your business does not suffer due to unethical practices. 

You can engage the services of a reliable SEO company by checking their experience in the field. It is also recommended that you cross-check the quality of their services with clients who have used their services. Client testimonials and reviews also offer a good insight into the services offered.

It is best to understand the standard practices followed by the digital marketing teams and steer clear of those companies that follow black-hat SEO strategies.

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