Amazon is the “King” among online retailers across the globe. It is a brand that has built trust among buyers. The number of Amazon delivery trucks on the road just goes on to substantiate this.

When someone visits the Amazon site, it is only with the intention of buying a product. It is therefore vital to have a presence on Amazon so that you stand apart from your competitors.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through Amazon SEO. In other words, it is by developing a search engine optimization strategy on Amazon so that you easily attract the attention of your audience.

Amazon SEO services include all digital marketing techniques to ensure that your brand reaches a wide audience.

While the process is quite similar to any search engine optimization process, the SEO on Amazon is quite different. The results that appear on a search engine like Google are a list of products relevant to the search irrespective of the intent for the search.

However, the results offered on Amazon are intended to make the individual buy the product. Hence, aspects such as the price, availability, sales history, etc. become more relevant for searches on Amazon. It is essential for an Amazon seller to market his products in a manner that it appears as the most relevant product for different searches.

How Amazon SEO works?


The SEO team will audit your existing BSR listing and sales.

Step 2:

The SEO team will conduct a competitor analysis to understand the BSR ranking of your competitors’ products.

Step 3:

A comparison will be made on the data collected in steps 1and 2 to find the gaps.

Step 4:

Amazon SEO strategy is worked out. This includes:

  • Creating relevant product descriptions that are optimized with the right keywords.
  • Optimizing product listings
  • Product Titles are also modified to attract the audience.
  • The quality of pictures is also an important part of marketing that the Amazon SEO team focuses on.
  • Review strategies are designed so that your product gets 5-star reviews.


SEO strategy is a dynamic one where the effect of the campaign is measured from time to time and altered to enhance the results. This implies chaining keywords, modifying existing descriptions, etc.

Step 6:

SEO teams also create sponsored ads for your products so that you attract more buyers from automatic, manual, and social sources.


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