Why Bing AdCenter Advertising is a Must for your Business?

Bing AdCenter advertising can be understood as Pay Per Click advertising on Bing and Yahoo search engines. Bing AdCenter helps advertisers set up PPC campaigns by providing all the essential tools. It is a great marketing strategy if you want to reach a wide audience on Bing or Yahoo.

Most businesses invest in Google Adwords but do not focus much on Bing AdCenter Advertising. This is because Google is the most dominant force in the search engine market and has a wider reach. However, the Bing network is also growing, and it is growing fast. Data reveals that Bing Ads reach over 63 million searches that are not reached by Google Adwords. So, definitely Bing Ad Center is a force to reckon with!


The chief benefit of advertising on Bing is that your ad reaches 3 search engines namely Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. It also reaches an audience on partner sites.

It has been found that Bing PPC ads offer better engagement with sites and targeted landing pages. Besides, the conversion rates are much higher than Google.

How is Bing Ad Center different from Google Adwords?

In Bing Ad Center, you can increase your bid for some demographics and your ad will continue for other demographics as well. The benefit is that you get better ad positions for that demographic. You can leverage this advantage if you have determined the specific demographic that is likely to convert.

Bing Ad Center has very strict approval criteria. Therefore, you must ensure that the ad is relevant to the keyword and landing page. Also, make sure that you avoid any grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors in the ad. Avoid phrases like “Click Here.”

Bing allows advertisers to assign different ad campaigns to different timezones. A feature that Google Adwords does not offer.

Bing offers advertisers the feature to target audiences based on the type of device and the OS. For instance, you can target only mobile users and not the audience on the desktop if you so desire.

Bing Ads are more economical than Google Adwords. This may be attributed to the fact that Bing PPC has fewer competitors and clicks are cheaper.

Conversion rates on Bing Ad Center are higher than that for Adwords.

Tips for Best Bing AdCenter Advertising

  • Ensure that the keyword is relevant to its corresponding ad and landing page.

  • Keyword research is recommended to ensure that you bid on relevant terms.

  • All titles in the text ads should be optimized with relevant keywords.

  • Using negative keywords is an effective strategy.

  • It is recommended that you use deep links as your destination URLs as they are more likely to be targeted to specific keywords.

Using Bing Ad center is easy. Bing offers all the tools you require to search keywords and create ads. You even have the option of directly importing your Google Adwords campaign into Bing Ads.

The best digital marketing strategy is to use both Google Adwords and Bing AdCenter Advertising together. This is because it will provide you an online presence on multiple search engines and increase the visibility of your website.

When you use Google Adwords and Bing Ad Center together you get the best of both worlds! While Adwords offers you a high search volume, Bing provides you a higher position, less bidding, and a lower cost per click!

However, Bing Ad Center Advertising requires an expert hand!

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