Google’s New Retail Search for eCommerce Websites

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Google has introduced a smart search for eCommerce websites with its fully managed search tool called Google Retail Search. This eCommerce product search feature is now built into eCommerce website to provide Google-quality search results from broad search queries and this helps online retailers to reduce search abandonment, a term referring to the percentage of users who visit a website but leave without adding anything to the cart or not purchasing anything.

Role Of Google retail search in labeling the problem on eCommerce product search engine
Nowadays eCommerce sites offer anything imaginable for sale. From home appliances to apparel and movies, almost anything can be bought with a click of a button. The problem lies in ensuring consumers will find exactly what they want to buy.

Whether you are selling on Amazon, or you have an online store or other product discovery platform, the eCommerce product search functionality should be seamless. No stumbling by irrelevant search results or any category landing pages – it must be fast, accurate eCommerce search results that give consumers precisely what they want even if they spelled the item wrong or didn’t use the exact words.

The problem here is despite leveraging advanced technology to understand user preferences and surface personalized product recommendations, most eCommerce product search engines built for online stores are not designed to provide a uniquely personal eCommerce search experience as people always wanted.

Google Retail Search’s capabilities have:

• An Advanced Query Understanding – A more accurate understanding of user intent that produces more relevant eCommerce product search results.
• Optimizing Results – Built upon user interaction, retrieval, indexing, and ranking models to achieve the business goals.
• Advanced Security and Privacy – Strong security and privacy controls in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the retailer’s data. This means your data is secure and yours alone.
• Vision Product Search – Machine learning-powered object with recognition capabilities that will enable product image searches and deliver relevant product recommendations.

Amazon Search Engine Vs. Google Retail Search
With better eCommerce search results, Google seeks to help retailers in diverting some business from Amazon. So what is the main difference between the Amazon search engine vs Google Retail Search?

If you are selling or advertising on Amazon, you are probably aware that Amazon has a proprietary search engine called Amazon A10 which was previously known as Amazon A9. At its core, Amazon’s search algorithm is almost similar to that of Google’s. It will analyze the search queries for keywords and observes the historical traffic patterns to match the customer intent with pertinent products and provide the best possible Amazon shopping experience.

Unlike Google Retail Search, Amazon’s search feature is exclusively available on the Amazon platform. Additionally, Amazon hosts different brands and sellers, the Amazon A10 algorithm analyzes several factors to determine which products appear at the top of search results, which include:

• Keywords
• Customer reviews
• Sales conversions
• Performance History
• Delivery Time And
• Price

The good thing about Google Retail Search is you don’t have to compete with Amazon’s saturated marketplace and By maintaining a positive overall customer experience at the eCommerce website, you can increase customer loyalty and engagement levels.



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