Finest 4 Tools for Social Media Management

Social Media Tools

The technological world has made online business much easier. With different social media channels, it remains easier to stay in touch and remain connected with potential and existing customers. But it might be a little tricky to juggle in between different social media accounts or platforms. Fortunately, in this case, technology has come to our rescue with correct tools for social media management. There are various social media tools in the plug-in, application, and software format to manage, measure, and create platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Now in this article, we are here to share the four best tools to make social media management hassle-free.


It is undoubtedly amongst the best powerful tools for automation web services with the “Cause and Effect” relationship. IFTTT indicates “If This, Then That.” The functional mode of this tool is to operate an action when someone activates the present trigger. Implementing the IFTTT will produce a formula or a recipe that will send an action or mail every time you include a new follower on Twitter. IFTTT implementation can work simultaneously with more than 160 channels, including different networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more. It can connect to other social media management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.

Sprout Social

Sprout social is another famous social media management tool. This tool offers different abilities for managing multiple channels in one place. A significant feature that differentiates this tool from the others is its inbox facility. All your opportunities and messages will arrive in a single place. The additional Keyword is another feature that helps to track all your branding mentions. Sprout socials offer an exceptional analytics service that monitors and creates reports on the team performance, trends, and engagement. It comes with three membership alternatives to select from. You can also opt for a free trial for a shorter period and later continue to upgrade if you are happy with their services.


Is it possible to manage five different social platforms through one tool only? If no, then buffer is the name. It can schedule posts and share the content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. There is another better way to use this tool. You can post and share the content by adding the browser extension or implementing a Tablet or smartphone application or visit the official website for scheduling the content. This tool also offers an analytics report where you can monitor the performance and impact of every post. The buffer includes paid as well as free membership as well. The tool implies certain limitations on the free members, but with $10 of fees for every month, you might upgrade your account and use 12 different social media profiles or simply queue an unlimited number of posts and add one or two members to the account. 


Hootsuite is one of the best social media management tools for small businesses and individuals. You can schedule the posts, control the management, track conversations, carry out campaigns, monitor different competitions, and measure the campaign effectiveness by generating and analyzing the reports. All across popular social media channels like Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Most of the popular brands like Eurostar, Seagate, Sony Music, NHL, WWF, virgin, and more use this social media tool for handling their online campaigns. The tools boast about including more than 10 million users, and the numbers are increasing every day. To use this outstanding tool, you have three options of Pro, Enterprise, and Free.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to open multiple social media networks, these four tools can enhance your effort by offering a detailed analytic report. So decide now, which one is your most favorite, and start your social media campaign today!



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