eCommerce And its Marketing Statistics


In eCommerce marketing, businesses are evolving and creating new ways to attract more and more customers and gain about their brand awareness. With the knowledge obtained from eCommerce stats, we can adjust the campaigns to get better results.

Here are the eCommerce marketing statistics that you can follow.

eCommerce Marketing and Use of Different Social Media Platforms
More and more companies are putting their efforts into making social media campaigns and are focused on making leads and hence increasing their sales. The best way of doing this is by going through the eCommerce statistics that will focus only on social media.

  • More than half of Generation Z fashion purchases are influenced by social media. GenZ is the generation between the age group of 14-24 years old and is considered as tech-savvy as they are more engaged in social media.
  • Sales from different social media are expected to go up by 20 percent in the upcoming years.
    It is not surprising that people consider buying the products and services they look at on their social media feeds. Social media platforms are adding these features for making it more user-friendly for people to shop. For Example, Facebook launched Facebook Shops, where businesses are adding a shopping interface to their pages.
  • More than 70 percent of marketing professionals have accepted that social media marketing has helped in boosting their business growth. Business owners are now becoming more aware of the power of social media.

Amazon still accounts for more than half of all retail sales in the entire US. There’s no doubt that consumers have made it a shopping habit of buying whatever they need on Amazon. Its free and fast shipping, ample variety, and excellent customer service are the main reasons why consumers regularly shop online.

eCommerce Trends
Here are some more eCommerce marketing stats that show the emerging trends of eCommerce.

*More than half of the consumers use mobile devices for online shopping online. Online retailers and eCommerce companies are now making sure that their platforms are mobile-friendly as the websites are for desktop users. eCommerce marketing services also provide an integrated responsive web design that helps the websites to load fast and look attractive on mobile devices.

  • It has been found that Video ads, influencer videos, and user-generated videos all prove to be effective in boosting revenue as well as brand awareness.
  • More than half of buyers give preference to local businesses. Almost 80 percent of buyers say that they do so in order to support small businesses as they are struggling with the pandemic. There are some consumers who feel like it would be more beneficial to support locally-owned companies rather than big brands.

In the end, if there is one thing to learn from eComm stats is that the eCommerce landscape keeps on changing with time. The key to flourishing is to be aware of customer needs and how to act on what is needed. The eCommerce marketing stats have made us realize that consumer demand keeps on changing with time.

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